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Analytic Solutions

Consultant our business. Over the past three decades, we have advanced the state of the decision process


         Branding Strategy

To implement strategies in all industries. Those numbers are remarkably consistent across most industries.


Business Planning

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Wide Range of Services & Solutions Just for You

Smart Home Construction

Palma has a team of professional and experts with creative ideas that offers unique smart solutions that specs customers expectation to give clients delight. Our team, made up of specialize smart home automation installers brings to light everything automation from lighting control, temperature control, video and music control and security. Be it a simple single room, apartment, mansion, hotels, or a complex whole house system, Palma have a wide range of products to suit your requirement and specification. Let the heart of your smart home be Palma Home Control Unit, which through voice, touch or configuration you can gain total control of your home.

CCTV & Security

Choose from a a wide range of video surveillance solutions for your home or office that go beyond the highest security demands of today and deliver clear business advantages beyond just security.

Digital Marketing

Connecting with the right audience on the internet is very vital to the success of your business.

With our digital marketing strategies, you get to increase your visitor count eventually converting those visitors into paying customers.

Mobile App Development

Leveraging on modern frameworks to build the best and robust mobile apps to suit your specific needs.

We build for Android and/or IOS. You can’t go wrong with us.

Strategy & Design

Our team of experienced strategists and designers help curate the best product strategy and design to meet your needs.

Whether business or personal, whether large, medium or small, we have something for everyone.

Web Design & Development

All your web product needs can be met here. We build both web apps and website for small, medium and large enterprises.

While building a robust web system we don’t compromise on design ergo delivering a total package to solve your web needs.

Bulk Voice Calls and IVR

This service allows Palma clients communicate with their customers by calling their Mobile Number or Land Lines anywhere in Ghana with a pre-recorded voice message through a fully automated Online System. The calls are completely automated hence no operators or dialer is needed to process the call. Once the system is set all the client does is to send a pre-recorded message to a contact list through our user friendly online application. This service helps our clients to enhance their businesses.

Short Code / USSD

Short codes, also known as marketing campaign codes, are memorable digits that are 3 to 6 digits long. SMS test numbers (e.g. 2331) which are widely used in Premium Rate services such as reality show voting, donation services, outdoor advertisement, TV and Radio contribution and/or competitions. They are increasingly being used in marketing and corporate campaigns as they are much easier to remember than long telephone numbers (10 digits). They enable customer data to be captured and provide a measurable response rate.

Long Code

For clients who cannot afford a short code or for a reason prefer a long code to a short code, Palma  provides a medium to exchange information between them and their customers. This can be achieved through the use of normal phone number. It will also be used by some of our clients in the media and entertainment sector for voting and polling purposes. It will also be used for feedback collection, exam results, lead generation and other related services.

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Benson Yeboah


Mr. Elioenai .E. Addo (Head; Project Management, Digital Marketing and Business Developer) Mr. Addo provides project management, marketing strategy, and business development solutions to the team and help small to medium sized businesses create or improve their online presence through strategic use of technology. He also has expertise in custom website and web application development, standards-based front end development.


Education: Bsc in Natural Resource Management – KNUST, Diploma in Film and Television Production – NAFTI, Google Digital Skills for Africa, AI Development – IBM

Elioenai .E. Addo

Founder | Project Manager

Larry Okai JNR


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